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    Gallows Circus play blues-hearted, dirty, rock - inspired by the likes of; Led Zeppelin, Blackstone Cherry, Free, Reef,  Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and Thin Lizzy.

    Creating original songs that induce head-nodding and give you that gurning, chin-growth you only get when you hear badass riffs! All achieved by way of catchy guitar lines, hooky vocal melodies and supported by a robust rhythm section that, once combined, will have you singing the songs for weeks after you’ve heard them.

    Formed in Kent in the UK in October 2016, Gallows Circus first worked on the contents of their self-titled, debut E.P. that was self-released at the end of 2017 to enthusiastic reception and critical acclaim.

    In November 2018, the band self-released their first official single: "Faith To Believe". Shortly after this release, the band have since been gaining notoriety among big media names, such as The BBC and PlanetRock Radio.

In September 2018, Gallows Circus played two original tracks live on The BBC's Kent Sessions.

An example of this can be found here.

In December 2018 Gallows Circus were named PlanetRock's "Ones To Watch".

You can find the article here.

    Gallows Circus are currently exciting crowds up and down the country with their sharp, gritty and memorable live shows,. Click on any of the social media icons below to find out about the latest news and/or gigs, then get down to a venue near you and experience Gallows Circus for yourself - live! Adam Harvey © 2017 (Click image for website)

Gallows Circus Are:


Steve Kitchener - Drums

Ben Atwood- Guitar

Ian Day - Vocals/Harmonica

Richard Tunbridge - Bass

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